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Our society lives on stereotypes. In many countries there's an opinion: to make money you have to work from 9 to 18 with a lunch break. (numbers may vary)

But it turns out that you can earn money not only in the office. You can work at home, you can earn money on the stock exchange, you can find a source of passive income and not work at all. Right away people will probably treat you as a slacker. Or they will start warning you that it's all scam.

Going to the office is somehow more reliable and calmer. For some people it's better to have a lower salary in the pocket than an irregular schedule and income which really depends only on your efforts. Here you have all the responsibility, for the standard of living, for income, for the result.

In the office, everything can be blamed on the employer. He pays little, makes you work, and requires too much. Everyone feels sorry for the unfortunate "worker" and then they go on grinding from 9 to 18.

But how many people go to office unwillingly? Referring to the fact that there are no other fair and reliable ways to earn money. You know how many times I've heard: “I can’t find an additional way to make money, because I work from morning to evening and they pay me nearly nothing.”

There are so many opportunities, so many interesting offers on the Internet, where you can really get many times more. And this awareness forms a steady thought in my head: “Whoever really needs money, he will always find a way to earn it.” For me there is only one “BUT” - it must be fair.

How do you feel about online earnings? Please let me know in the comments below 👇

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